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  • The sun lens Jewellers

    « In the heart of the French mountains, not far from Geneva, where the jewelry industry began, Dalloz Creations works for the biggest luxury brands ». Thanks to our patent and brand Meye Precious®, we are the only company in the world able to apply Gold, Platinum and Rhodium to sun lenses and shields.

    A product Origine France garantie.  


    Gold, a precious metal

    Discovered in the Antiquity, and became famous by the Inca civilization, Gold has always been perceived as the most precious metal for millennia.

    Dalloz Creations, works with 24-carat and 18-carat Gold.

    In addition to its “decorative” virtues, Gold offers the best infrared performance. Firefighter visors and fighter plane cockpits are coated with Gold.

    A noble metal with excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.


    Platinum, a mysterious metal

    Originally thought to be a derivative of silver, the first European mention of Platinum dates back to the 16th century when it was referred to as “a mysterious metal from the West Indies.”

    It is much rarer than Gold. 230 tonnes are extracted annually and global reserves are estimated at 13,000 tonnes…

    At Dalloz Creations, we work with White Platinum and Amber Platinum.

    A noble metal with excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.


    Rhodium, an elegant metal

    Rhodium is a precious white metal discovered in 1803 by the English chemist William Hyde Wollaston in South America.

    Extremely attractive because of its white color and mirror shine, Rhodium glints like diamonds.

    Subtle and delicate blue reflections appear on the lens depending on the natural daylight reflection.

    This precious metal is commonly known as the most expensive metal on earth.







    Experts for more than 50 years, we support you in your projects to find the best possible solutions for your range of sunglasses or goggles.
    To meet the Dalloz Creations sales team in Europe, the United States and Asia, please contact us at the following address: contact@dallozcreations.com


    Dalloz Creations

    Route de Genève
    39200 Saint-Claude


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